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Welcome to Bo’s Fitness Camps

If you’re looking for a lean, defined body, one that has greater mobility and endurance, and you want it guaranteed, you’ve found that program right here at Bo’s Fitness Camps! At Bo’s, we offer you something remarkable in the fitness industry: A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

You are going to get fit, or it’s absolutely FREE!

How can we make such as offer? We have so much confidence in our exercise approach, we know you’ll get fit – regardless of whatever you’ve tried before – or your money back.  Our program is based on scientific research, tried and proven at the best professional training facilities, and used by the industry’s top trainers. At Bo’s Fitness Camps, you’re going to train like the same athletes and celebrities that make a living relying on staying fit, lean and strong. And why not? Whose health and fitness are more important than your own?

Even if you’ve tried other fitness boot camps, or know what a fitness "boot" camp entails, Bo’s offers you something more. We are innovating the fitness boot camp experience. Here’s how:

  • Cardio-Strength Training. We employ only the best training protocols that have a proven track record for generating superior results. Our workouts use “timed sets” to create a challenge that is easily adaptable to everyone’s personal needs. You will torch fat, define lean muscles and strengthen heart and lung function. GUARANTEED!
  • The Best Mobile Equipment. Other boot camps have you bring a pair of dumbbells to the workout. We supply all the equipment you’ll need to create an amazing change in your body: TRX, Battling Ropes, Medicine Balls, Sport Cords & Resistance Bands, Power Wheels, Sandbags, Slam Balls, Foam Rollers, Stretch Straps, Versa-Loops, Strength Cords, Training Bars, Soft Tissue Sticks, Kettlebells, and, oh yeah, we supply the dumbbells, too!
  • Modifications. Many fitness boot camps have the reputation for delving out the punishment to force fitness gains. We bring a more personal approach to our instruction, and make certain you have options that are better for you. Our personal training experience of 25 plus years demands it; you deserve it! Why pay $75 an hour for personal training? And, does your trainer guarantee you results?
  • Program Design by Master Trainers. A combined 50 years experience in the industry and a fitness camp over a year in the making. NFL, MLB, USTA, PGA, USFSA, we’ve trained their athletes and thousands more. Over 125,000 workouts supervised.
  • Phone & Email Consultation. Added value; we’re a program, not a class! And remember, we guarantee that you’ll get fit or we’ll pay you back every penny you’ve entrusted to us.


  • Fitness Camps >

  • 3, 4 or 5 days per week.
  • All sessions 4 weeks duration.
  • Use any days/times for your convenience.
  • 50 minute workouts! Get in, Get out. Get Lean.
  • Personal Training >

  • In blocks of 6 or 10 workouts.
  • Includes FREE Fitness Assessment.
  • Outdoors or in your home/office.
  • Train with a Master Trainer.
  • Golf, Tennis, Athletic Performance Training Available.
  • Consultations >

  • Got a specific problem - get a detailed solution!
  • Includes Written Exercise or Nutritional Script
  • Minimum of one billable hour, please.
  • Corporate Events >

  • Individually crafted to meet your organizations needs.
  • Fun, fitness, & team building activities.
  • Create that WOW factor for your special event.
  • Contact Us!